Map Who's Your Daddy for Minecraft PE 1.3.1 APK

Map Who's Your Daddy for Minecraft PE 1.3.1 APK

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  • App NameMap Who's Your Daddy for Minecraft PE
  • Category Role Playing
  • Version1.3.1
  • Requirement 4.1 or higher
  • File Size13.06 MB
  • Updated
  • App Codemap.whos.your.daddy

App Description

Do you know who's your daddy?
We are ready to play in the most interesting and popular role play minecraft mini games? If you like video content about minecraft PE and knew something about pewdiepie, then you should that simulator. If you stay at home with your baby, you can relax in minecraft house and just play with sweet baby. Nevertheless, that not true! That minecraft mini games will be hard. Something can go according to plan if your baby is too playful and restless.
How to play with that minemaps? You should find as a minimum of 2 people. Then just install that app.
1. Choose that game
2. Click «Install» that mcpe maps role play
3. Open the app and start to play with minecraft maps!
What is the main idea of that game? If you want to see the game, just pay attention to overview of the game by popular blogger pewdiepie. Each players choose some role. You can be a daddy or a child. Then players can choose some place on maps for minecraft pe.
The main goal of the daddy is to take care of crazy baby. The main goal of the child is to try to inflict as many injuries as possible. That is the main idea of maps for minecraft pe! The child must run around the house and look for adventure. The dad must protect his child from severe wounds. Take care of all: bathing, walking, feeding, bedding, entertainment, and training. This is a small part of all your responsibilities in minecraft house mcpe maps.
You will not have a single free minute, because the kid will take all your free time. You must not allow a child to get bored or cry on maps for minecraft pe. Take care that baby is clean and does not accidentally cripple. You are waiting for dozens of interesting assignments, awards, bonuses and much more in minecraft mini games.
Daddy should wait for the arrival of the mother on maps for minecraft pe. Its look too easy? Download the role play minemaps and try to spend that time in the house with the child.
If you chose the role of a child, then inspect the whole house. You need to find the most insane and dangerous places in the house. Do you want to play with knives? Do you dream about hot bath? Do you want to feed a neighbor's dog by cookies in minecraft house? Right now! You can create any madness by minecraft maps. Your father will protect you. If he has time to reach you. Hey! Do not forget download baby skins for minecraft pe.

Are you ready to start that wonderful role play Who's your daddy? Let’s start to play who's your daddy game.



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