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  • App NameTencent Video
  • Category Media & Video
  • Version6.0.0.14297
  • Requirement 3.0 or higher
  • File Size26.74 MB
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  • App Codecom.tencent.qqlive
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New version 4.3.1 is served in good faith, give you a different experience:
Channel 1, the new Member on-line, new piece of large full coverage at home and abroad;
2, thousand NBA exclusive events, live, replay you out;
3, high quality and original video V+, only to find your favorite.

Tencent video monthly users to cover the country's first mass-HD video platform. 2015 Tencent video content giant scene open, a surname months biography, and Wu Zetian, and Baan suan sook legend, top domestic big drama exclusive range Rover into; NBA events exclusive full network HD live; HBO exclusive official authorized play platform, power of game, and six feet zhixia, and CSI, exclusive introduced; continues to alone broadcast fourth quarter China good voice; we 15 a, and charm beast, and screaming's passers-by, large original fully art Hi turned 2015!

"Tencent's latest content video essence, exciting show for you"

Langya led huge annual list of the most Machiavellian drama
Fate of the dark exotic shuffle project smile nerve
Hu GE in the time from Mei Changsu married high rich handsome
Legend of of Baan suan sook Han hot female teacher jintian blood line upgrade
Whole network exclusive broadcast of the right game, limited-time free not to be missed
The voice of China fourth quarter, Jay invited to join my team
The Challenger League fan wet temptations curvaceous body
The adventures follow Bell to Bell leading eat worms to cry Han
Of the 15 of us on the Mesa, large-scale experiments play an exclusive
CSI spin-off of the cyber crime investigation network crime to find out

"More detailed updates, so stay tuned"

Arts season: the Challenger League, the smiling, proud Wanderer, screaming pedestrians in the second quarter, second quarter followed Bell to the adventures of the ...

TV sets: the Picks list, Yangge, xinjigong Rinpoche, the pretender, the flower of thousands of bone ...

American TV season: the black dark Silicon Valley, second quarter of the return of the real investigation of the cyber crime investigation of the Pacific war ...

Film library: the Yang, the rival of the Sun burning heart honeymoon, vacation in Paris, the hunt for a moment of ...

Warm Korean drama: my love belongs to you, the sweet secrets of the Chronicle of Queen of the heirs of the family why this ...

Music: BIGBANG concert; Yu only concert, TFBOYS FANS'TIME, hangeng concert ...

Tencent video is for Android phone user tailored build of network video play client, used lightweight of interface design, provides HD smooth of play service, support share video to QQ and micro-letter, built-in funny, British drama, beauty drama, drama, micro-movie, Hollywood, MV, game, game, live, LOL, electric competing, World Cup, features channel, exclusive broadcasting China good voice, and power of game, and Baan suan sook legend, and NBA events live, resources, For Android phone users a different online video viewing experience.


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