CarX Highway Racing 1.63.2 APK+ Mod+ Obb

CarX Highway Racing 1.63.2 APK+ Mod+ Obb

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App Info

  • App NameCarX Highway Racing
  • Category Racing
  • Version1.63.2
  • Requirement 4.1 or higher
  • File Size40.76 MB
  • Updated
  • App Codecom.CarXTech.highWay

App Description

CarX Highway Racing DescriptionMany people want to try the road drift, but the cost of a drift car is not low, coupled with expensive professional venues, and the road is not a racing circuit, so many people can not try. Since the reality can not be achieved, then the virtual world will naturally be able to addiction friends, so many game manufacturers aimed at this market, and today to tell you is a very realistic drift racing game. This is a cell phone racing game, but the picture is really fantastic than the PC side of the 3D games, including various details of the car, the track of the degree of realism, the tires produced by the smoke and so on. The game uses gravity sensor steering, with the game screen virtual buttons to control the car, the left is the brake and handbrake, the right is the throttle, the player needs to control the speed of the vehicle and brake with the direction to complete the drift action. The game uses a variety of modes: JDM models are generally some of the Grand Prix, the challenge of high difficulty; Drift mode is the drift race friends, players need to use drift to score, score ranking; Time Attack mode is the time challenge, players need to complete as soon as possible Competition, ranking by time; Multiplayer is a multiplayer racing game, you can connect and friends to play games; Training mode is training, players can be familiar with the vehicle and the track. The game car is divided into five levels, one for the lowest level of vehicles, vehicles have everything MX5, Toyota AE86, Nissan GT-R series and so on for the players to choose from, and even the pickup can choose, interesting or very big. The game also offers modification services, players can choose the location of the vehicle, turbo is installed or racing, or drift settings, and then players can adjust some of the vehicle data, including wheel size, tire pressure, shock absorber damping, tilt, Brake center of gravity, transmission, engine and so on. Appearance, the car can be replaced by favorite colors, wheels, burning tires smoke, the color of the window can also be personalized. Overall CarX Highway Racing is an addictive racing game!


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